Steve Mills and his family as the Dazzling Mills Family Television Appearances

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This page is comprised of videos from various videos of Steve Mills' Family - Dazzling Mills Family shows.

To see our complete lineup of videos you can visit our YouTube page with the link below.


This video aired on national tv January 6th, 2011. The Shotgun Red Variety Show airs every Thursday night at 8pm on RFDTV

The 2011 Dazzling Mills Family Promo Video in HD. This was filmed at several locations including, Champlain Valley Exposition (Essex Junction, VT), Lebanon Area Fair (Myerstown, PA), Ocean County Fair (Tom's River, NJ), North Carolina State Fair (Raleigh, NC), and Rootstown Middle School (Rootstown, OH)

This clip comes in two parts and is comprised of clips from Wilson County Fair (Wilson, NC) and Ocean County Fair (Tom's River, NJ). This two part video shows the incredible adlib humor and audience interaction that makes the Dazzling Mills Family performance fun to watch over and over again.

Click Here for Part II

This video is a full show from 2009 at the North Carolina State Fair. It is split into 3 parts. This two camera shoot shows the versatility of the act and shows it can play in the complete round.
Part II & Part III Click here
Here is the video taped in February 2007 when the Dazzling Mills Family broke the world record for the most weight ridden in a combination of three high stacked on top of each other on a unicycle. This was taped by the Discovery Channel in Marion, OH

Steve Mills, Juggler, Unicyclist, Acrobat
Dazzling Mills Family
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