Steve Mills - incorporating kindness and respect into the act, to inspire students to treat others how they would like to be treated, to work hard, to never give up, and to always do your best.
Your entire school will be so thrilled with this action packed, laugh filled presentation with many real life lessons!

School recomendation letter for Steve MillsClick image to read the letter of recomendation.

"Dear Steve,
Thank you for performing your assembly for our students at Floyds Knobs Elementary School, Indiana. The students and staff were amazed, entertained, and enlightened. The students had great discussions back in their classrooms regarding perseverance, Never giving up, goal setting and what it means to have a positive attitude. Thanks for making learning fun! This is the best Assembly we had all year!"
-Elaine Murphy, Principal
Floyds Knobs Elementary School, Floyds Knobs, IN

Steve Mills' school assemblies program inspires the students to be kind, respectful, to persevere, set goals, and never give up, every day of their lives. The show includes world class unicycling, juggling, balancing skills, and acrobatics, mixed with positive messages about life. This is a fast pace, high energy, interactive assembly that will keep both the students and staff dazzled, fully engaged, entertained and laughing. It offers a strong message of hope, determination and hard work. Never give up! I can, I will!

Steve Mills has had a very successful career - from being in the "World Book Encyclopedia", travelling around the world with the Harlem Globetrotters as their half time entertainment, to Las Vegas stages, headlining on cruise ships, and thirteen national television shows. Steve Mills also has set two world records and invented a juggling trick known world wide as the "Mills Mess".

The program is always fun, the messages are from experiences during my life when I almost gave up. There were times that I needed and received encouragement from another person, times where I felt like I may never conquer a skill, but through all these things I am here at your school - sharing with your students the joy of persevering to achieve your goals, working hard, and passing on what I have learned through positive thoughts, actions and influence from others. I have a passion for the art of performance and for teaching and sharing positive choices and actions with my audience.

This show is not about being perfect, it is about accepting who you are, and being the best you can be, and about being kind and encouraging to others.

This program is perfect for Elementary, Middle, and High school assemblies. The skill level is appreciated at all age levels. The message is delivered appropriately for the age level in attendance.

Watch the video quotes below, from administrators that want to share how their students have benefitted from the messages shared in this program, so yours can too.

"Steve Mills visited our school and put on a great assembly that was both entertaining and educational. Steve did a great job about explaining goals, determination and how important it is to encourage others. His message aboout 'bullying' was clear and I believe it reinforced our belief system about how to 'treat people'. I would highly recommend this exciting program for any school."
- Jeremy Whan, Bemis Elementary School, Troy, MI

"Steve Mills performed for us at Washington Intermediate School in Pekin, IL. Steve put on the best, most talented performance we have ever had at our school. Our students were very excited even the sixth graders commented it was the best!"
 - Jason Fowler, VP
Washington Intermediate School in Pekin, IL

Programs may also contain customized topics including but not limited to; Saying No to Drugs, Respect, Anti-bullying, the Power of Reading, Honesty, Career Day, and Being Your Best, or any topic that would fit well with you school's character building/education programs. Steve Mills continues to be one of the country's top assembly programs. This program is very humorous while sending clear messages.

To schedule a program call:
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"Today's assembly was one of the best we have ever had. The messages of goal setting, perseverance, self-discipline along with premium skills, ability and showmanship were FANTASTIC. Kids, teachers and parents are raving about the performance. Positive, fun entertainment! And the message wow! I'd recommend to any school but especially those who are working on developing character in their students!
Thanks for coming!"

- Barry Ferguson, Principal, South Lebanon Elementary
Lebanon, PA 

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Steve Mills on tall unicycleSteve Mills balancing ladder at Saginaw Michigan Arrowwood Elementarysteve Mills Basket Ball balanceSteve Mills School assembly performersteve Mills with eager volunteerssteve Mills Creating memories


Steve Mills teaching balance in school assembly in Michigan at a Middle school

Steve Mills Motivational School program

Steve Mills creating laughter with a leaf blower

Steve Mills jumping rope at school assembly program

Steve Mills with student at Arrowwood Elementary

steve Mills riding two wheel unicycle

steve Mills with student ball spinning

Steve Mills helping student succeed with juggling bean bag chairs

steve Mills Captivating students with juggling at Elementary School assembly

Steve Mills School Assembly Arrowwood Elementary Saginaw Michigan

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