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"Just wanted to say thank you again for coming to PSE! The kids really did enjoy your assembly and have been asking me to juggle for them every day since. I think it is great that you can go into schools and share your passion for juggling and encourage young people to follow their dreams and to never give up. Your assembly was filled with non-stop action that kept our students' attention (which can be very hard to do) as well as a positive message in between acts.

Thank you again for coming and for teaching me how to juggle! I hope we can get you and your family back to PSE next year for another assembly!

Thanks again,"
-Jerrad Robin
Physical Education Teacher
Painted Stone Elementary School
Shelbyville, KY

"You were fantastic at River Oaks Elementary today! You really got the kids into the show, and had great lessons to demonstrate to them."
-Tammie Philpott
River Oaks Elementary
Dearborn Heights, MI

"Dear Steve,
Thank you for performing for our students at Floyds Knobs Elementary School, Indiana. The students and staff were amazed, entertained and enlightened. The students had great discussions back in their classrooms regarding perseverance, goal setting and what it means to have a positive attitude. Thanks for making learning fun!"

-Elaine Murphy
Floyds Knobs Elementary School
Floyds Knobs, IN

"I only wish that I could have been in attendance. The students are STILL talking about all the different things you did and even making cones to try and balance. Your message of perseverance, treating others as you would want to be treated and keeping your eye on the prize (not giving up) shone through everything you did. The teachers were also so very, very impressed with what you were able to do and how you wove your positive message throughout the performance. I thank you for everything and I will try to get youhere next year!"
-Brooke Ballee
Elwell Elementary School
Belleville, MI

"I am writing to thank you for the outstanding performance you provided our kindergarten through 6th grade students yesterday. The juggling feats you demonstrated were exceptional and most engaginng. The children didn't want the assembly to end! It was also wonderful to watch the children you selected from the audience to partivipate in a juggling activity. Interestingly, none of the children were our more confident, highly successful students. However, with the guidance and encouragement you provided them, they all were successful in their juggling; one even excelled at it! What a positive, rewarding experience for them!!

While the juggling was very entertaining and kept the students totally focused during the assembly, your motivational messages were just as vital for the students to hear. Each time you had a message you quieted the audience to be certain they heard the words you were speaking to them. Your messages on perseverance, determination, and setting goals are so 'right-on' and critical for children to hear from a broad group of people; not just their teachers and parents.

Thank you for a most valuable and memorable assembly!!!!!"
-Michael Distelrath
Marlette Elementary School
Marlette, MI

"I've been telling everybody about 'the best assembly I've had in years.' I've gotten e-mails from parents whose kids went home and told their parents about your show.

One parent e-mailed me today and said,
'I asked both of my daughters what they thought of the juggler. They said they really enjoyed it and that it was awesome. I(*sic) also said that there was a message in it and what was the message. My 3rd grader said 'that no matter how hard something is you have to keep trying and never give up'. I think the meessage came across loud and clear to the kids today and hopefully they will actually practice it.
Thanks for picking that performance. As you can tell I enjoyed it. In fact all the teachers I spoke with said they enjoyed this assembly alot(*sic).'

I just wanted you to know your assembly did the trick. My kids now know what perseverance is. My assembly today was perfect I didn't need to TEACH perseverance, I just needed to REVIEW it."
-Barry Ferguson
South Lebanon Elementary
Lebanon, PA

"Today's assembly was one of the best we have ever had. The messages of family, goal setting, perseverance, self-discipline along with premium skills, ability and showmanship were FANTASTIC. Kids, teachers and parents are raving about the performance. Positive, fun entertainment! And the message wow! I'd recommend to any school but especially those who are working on developing character in their students!
Thanks for coming!

PS: You are a positive role model for dads who are focused on leaving a positive legacy for their kids."
-Barry Ferguson
South Lebanon Elementary
Lebanon, PA

"Steve Mills gave a highly entertaining, informative and engaging performance! Students were truly amazed with his feats of juggling, balancing and riding the unicycle! Many students and staff told me that this was one of the best assemblies they have ever had! Don't miss the chance to bring this great show to your school!"
-Kendell L. Dorsey
Winton Woods Elementary School
Cincinnati, OH

"Steve Mills visited our school and put on a great assembly that was both entertaining and educational. Steve did a great job about explaining goals, determination and how important it is to encourage others. His message aboout 'bullying' was clear and I believe it reinforced our belief system about how to 'treat people'. I would highly recommend this exciting program for any school."
- Jeremy Whan
Bemis Elementary School
Troy, MI

"Steve Mills visited our school in January of 2011. What a great way to start the year. The juggling, balancing acts and humor that were used to present a message of working together and good character entranced the students. The students were involved, engaged, laughed a lot and a few got to participate with the program. Perseverance was a theme that was hit hard as they explained to students, 'never give up, no matter how hard it gets sometimes.' If you never give up, you will find success. Several teachers commented that this was one of the best assembly programs that they have ever seen. I would highly encourage any school to use Steve Mills for their assembly program. Students and staff alike will be entertained."
- Todd Hannaford (Principal)
Bethalto East Elementary
Bethalto, Illinois

"We appreciated the STRONG MESSAGE of doing your best and not giving up! We had so much fun! Our eyes are wet from laughter just talking about the program."
-Elizabeth A. Johnson, Principal
East port Elementary, Urichsville, Ohio

"This is the BEST ASSEMBLY we have ever had! The humor, talents, wisdom and enthusiasm, created a wonderful, happy atmosphere! We needed it! Thank you Steve!"
-Cynthia Chapman, Principal
Fort Laurel Marine Base, SC

-Doug Hale
Oak Hill Middle/High School
Oak Hill, Ohio

"It was our pleasure having Steve Mills perform at our annual Father Son Party on Saturday. We received some wonderful feedback from our Dads saying how much they just loved your show! They said it was the best entertainment we had ..."
-Katie S. Alexander
Catering & Special Events Coordinator
Detroit Athletic Club
Downtown Detroit, MI

"Are you looking for a program that will engage your students from the moment they enter the door? Look no further than 'Steve Mills, Juggling assembly! This lively program has it all, including an upbeat, positive message delivered by ahigh energy and very talented performer! It can be difficult to find a program that will captivate all the students in a K-6 school, but this show does that and more. Our younger students were enthralled while the older students were really into the show. Steve was such a pleasure to work with, polite and accommodating from start to finish. It was a pleasure having Steve Mills in our school...we give him 5-Stars and two thumbs up!"
-Theresa Vapor
Reelsville Elementary School
Reelsville, IN

"Wow ...What a fantastic show... Can't say enough about how the children and myself just loved your performances. The whole show was a "wow" . Your talents were amazing and your humor kept everything light and fun. Everyone who was there left with smile and were thrilled with seeing you. The children stop me and ask "when can they come back?".
Congratulations on making such a big impression on little and big people alike. Your show was everything and lots more than what your had said! So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We loved it all... Best wishes for continued SUCCESS... "

-Bridget Cook
Westpoint Elementary School

"Steve Mills wowed our students with an action packed showcase of talent and messages of encouragement. Every student and teacher was engaged throughout the performance and we were all truly 'dazzled.' I highly recommend Steve Mills for your next school assembly and/or family event."
-Dr. Donna Bishop

"Steve, Thanks! I appreciate the professionalism and the way you handled the school show two weeks ago near York. In spite of the motel problem, you showed up way ahead of time, set up and did a little PR prior to the show, making everyone feel welcome. The ball spinning as the kids entered the gym was icing on the cake, making for lots of anticipation for what was to come in the actual show. You did a superb job ! It was fun watching the kids having such a good time and enjoying themselves.

I received the enclosed note today from the principal and thought you might like to read it. Looks like he's going to give me another shot next year. I like it when an act makes me look good !"

-Fred Clousher
Clousher Productions

"Steve and Carol,

I am Ray Spann, a former principal at Booker T. Washington Middle School in Hopkinsville, KY and later at South Christian Elementary School in Herndon, KY. I'm sure you don't remember me, but we had your program in our schools (Christian County) in the 1990's. I retired and moved to Florida in 1996, but I came across a juggling and unicycle act and it made me think of your great school assembly program. In my 27 years as a school principal, your program was the very best of all the hundreds of programs we hosted. I remember we had the student body take a vote of their favorite assembly program each year, and we tried to have at least 10 assembly programs each year, and you won every year--by a very large margin! Our faculty also selected your program as their favorite.

So, I found your website and it looks like you are still going strong! I noticed you performed at the Florida State Fair, but it did not mention the year. The state fairground is only 30 minutes away from where I live. Do you have any scheduled performances in Florida in 2005 or 2006? If so, I would love to be in the audience to watch you perform again. Are you still doing school assembly programs?

Best wishes to a great and talented family,"

-Raymond D. Spann

Steve Mills, Juggler, Unicyclist, Acrobat
480 Bahama Circle
Marion, Ohio 43302

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